Hey there, I’m Dan. I’m a Web Developer who mostly works within JavaScript and PHP. On the JavaScript side of things, I’m a big Node.js fan along with Vue.js & React.js. On the PHP side of things, I’m a huge Laravel fan and I do like SOLID design principles.

I currently work as a UI Developer for Smart Solutions - an Innovation Depot-based company in Birmingham, AL. We work on creating the tools of tomorrow for assisted home automation and living.

If there’s one thing to know about me – I’m always learning. From React Router to JavaScript’s next language proposals to Laravel Queues – there’s always something on my mind. I also love development conferences and empowering others through code. Currently, I’m learning C#.

I’m based in Birmingham, AL, so if you’re in the area – give me a shout on twitter or linkedin. Let’s talk recursion, unit testing, CI/CD and more!